25TH Annual Congress

International Faculty

Dr George Du Toit


George du Toit is a Consultant in Paediatric Allergy at Guy’s and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust and Reader at King's College London.

George trained as a Paediatrician and then further specialised in Paediatric Allergy and Asthma at the Red Cross Children's Hospital and University of Cape Town, Allergy Diagnostic Clinical Research Unit. In 2000, George took up a post as Consultant Paediatric Allergist at Imperial College London, St Mary's Hospital, moving to the Children's Allergy Service at the Evelina Children's Hospital at St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust in 2003.

George runs dedicated clinics in paediatric food allergy, drug allergy and chronic urticaria at the Evelina Children's Hospital, George is the Co-Investigator on NIH-funded "LEAP" Studies.

George is Chairperson of the Paediatric Section of EAACI

Dr Mark Furman


Dr Furman is a paediatric gastroenterology consultant, who joined the centre for paediatric gastroenterology at Royal Free from Great Ormond Street in April 2008 and is the clinical lead for the service. He maintains a close working relationship with the team at GOSH. His main areas of interest are IBD, coeliac disease, food allergy and eosinophilic oesophagitis and his research interests are concentrated in these areas. He also runs the IBD adolescent transition clinic at the Royal Free. He is currently working with NHS England to develop clinical pathways for paediatric gastroenterology in London.

Prof Chris Mulder

(The Netherlands)

Chris Mulder (1951) has been working in the VU Medical Center since 2002 as hepatogastroenterologist and Head of Department. Gastroenterology is a very broad specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of all gastrointestinal and hepatological diseases. He aims to deliver high-quality, sustainable services for a wide range of patients as well as safe patient care.

Chris Mulder was trained by Guido Tytgat in the mid-eighties as intervention endoscopist. His Ph.D. thesis in 1983 was about meningitis. Between 1983 and 1984 he was trained for bone marrow transplantation. His topics of interest in gastroenterology are IBD, with a particular focus on drug rediscovery (6TG/Cladribine/topical steroids). Since the early nineties he has been focusing on coeliac disease; seronegative, Marsh criteria and refractory coeliac disease. Since 1992, he has developed a flexible approach for Zenker’s Diverticulum and since then he treated over 1500 patients.

Chris Mulder has been contributing to Coeliac Research since 1984. Initially his research focused on meningitis, especially neonatal meningitis (Ph.D. 1984). During his GE-training in Amsterdam, he also focused on IBD, especially 5–ASA/AZA treatments. Due to his contacts with Salvador Peña (1981-1989), he became interested in Coeliac Disease, especially the underdiagnosing in the Netherlands. Chris Mulders contribution for Coeliac Research is mainly in the area of Clinical/ Translational Research. In 1984, 400 Coeliacs were known in the Netherlands (14 million inhabitants). Since then the number of Coeliacs doubled every five years, 20.000 coeliacs have been diagnosed so far, and 1500 - 2000 are being diagnosed every year (16 million inhabitants). In 1992, he started to screen with sugar absorption tests to diagnose coeliacs (2 x Ph.D. 1995-1996). Because serology was not sensitive enough he focused on updating the Marsh criteria and implementation MI, II, III ABC in clinical practice (3 x Ph.D.). This resulted in the Amsterdam UEGW-criteria (2001):”When is a coeliac a coeliac”. In collaboration with Ciska Wijmenga biobanking and Genome-Wide Screening was started (>600 samples from CJM). In 2000 proper prospective evaluation of Refractory Coeliacs was started, resulting in clinical validation of T-cell flow in daily practice in his tertiary referring center for complicated coeliac disease (4 x Ph.D.). Since 2004 Autologous Bone Marrow transplantation is used to treat RCDII and EATL patients (1 x Ph.D.).

He trained over 50 gastroenterologists, coached 35 Ph.D. graduates. He is an honorary member of the South Africa, Romanian and Czech society of gastroenterology. Since 2012, he is an honorary and distinguished fellow of the Royal college of physicians. He published over 500 papers in English.

Additional functions
1995 - now Editor MAGMA; Journal Dutch Society Gastroenterology
2000 - now NVGE/South-African Gastroenterology Society (SAGES): exchange.
2009 - now Member of TTT WGO

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